Brexit creates a golden opportunity to regain 60% of the UK’s fisheries resources and rejuvenate a multi-billion pound industry for the nation - becoming as sustainable and successful as Norway, Iceland and Faroe.

Fishing for Leave was formed to highlight the potential of UK fisheries and ensure a brighter future for our industry.

Founded to campaign for UK withdrawal from the EU, to regain control and repatriate the majority of British fisheries resources when no other industry body would speak on this vital decision.

Fishing for Leave organised the Thames flotilla to highlight the plight of the fishing industry and took it’s cry for a better future to the heart of government.

FFLs aim was also to ensure that the potential UK withdrawal presents is realised and not jeopardised in the extrication process for a minority of vested interests.

Although June the 23rd was a great and historic day it was merely a signal of intent – Brexit must now mean Brexit.

As our purpose remains, we will continue to pursue our objectives undaunted and fight to ensure this golden opportunity of a brighter future is realised.

The industry has been forced into continual decline and consolidation. This cannot be continued for vested interests and those who have become institutionalised by the CFP - we must look to the long term of the next forty years not four and seize this golden opportunity to rejuvenate and revive.